Multi Exporter for Blender

Today we have released a plugin for Blender for working with large scenes that have many scenery objects. In summary, with this plugin, you can group the scene into collections and automatically export each collection into a stand-alone MSFS glTF model. This greatly reduces the time and effort needed to manage individual 3D assets.

See Blender2MSFS Multi Exporter for details.

Migration Tool × Prepar3D v5

It took much longer than anticipated, but Migration Tool that supports Prepar3D v5 is finally available – download here. It is an alpha version, which means that there may still be bugs, and not all intended features are implemented yet.

Migration Tool was rewritten from scratch because the original program was not flexible enough to support a growing range of simulators and the increasing differences between them. The new branch stands on much more robust foundation and can serve you for many years to come.

At the moment, Migration Tool knows how to work with add-on installers made for Flight Simulator X and all versions of Prepar3D. Only Prepar3D versions v3, v4 and v5 can be set as targets that receive content.

If you come across an add-on installer that does not work, open a ticket and we will look into it.

If you are still using anything older than Prepar3D v4, please open a ticket and tell us why to help us understand your needs.

All existing activation codes are respected. If you do not have Migration Tool and would like to buy an activation code, then this option will be available tomorrow.